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Unforgettable Slumber Party at The Drawing Room, NYC

Updated: Apr 13

Hey girls! Let us spill the tea on the most epic slumber party ever hosted at The Drawing Room @nycdrawingroom in the heart of NYC (and don't worry we were not actually sleeping over😂) . Picture this: 60 of us gathered for a night filled with fab eats, drinks, and all-around good vibes.

As soon as you walked in, you were handed a glass of Prosecco with cotton candy floating in it. Talk about a magical welcome, am I right?

We could not have a slumber party without some munchies. We kicked things off with some mouthwatering Joe's Pizza @joespizzanyc – because, hello, NYC staple!

Then, we sipped on some seriously refreshing drinks from Swoon @swoon, Boxed water @boxed water, AF @sober_curiousaf, and Lunar seltzer @lunar_seltzer.

To break the ice, we gave everyone a round of sleepover bingo, and let me tell you, it was the perfect way to get everyone mingling and laughing.

And get this – we had Clueless playing in the background all night long, adding major '90s vibes to the mix. Plus, cozy cushions were scattered around for us to chillax with our popcorn – total movie night goals!

One of the highlights? A game sponsored by @seadrop_skincare where we had to guess movie titles based on emojis. Trust me, it was hilarious!

But wait, it gets sweeter! We had a whole dessert board table set up by @tablaalatabla with goodies from @messy donuts, @live.loud.foods nuts, @justthefunpart, cookies, cinnamon rolls – you name it, we devoured it.

And because we're all about that pamper life, hooked us up with some seriously cute nail stickers. Like, who doesn't love a little extra glam, right?

And shoutout to @seadrop_skincare for providing spa headbands and wristbands – they even sponsored a game and gave away samples of their bomb cleanser tablets! We had a friendship bracelet making station and we were so impressed with all the cute designs our girls came up.

Let's not forget about the amazing self-care goodie bag that our ladies received. A satin eye mask, velvet pink scrunchie, fuzzy pink socks, sheet mask, lip mask, eye masks, and a discount code from @ranilounge.

Big shout out to @ranilounge for providing us with their 5 piece Jena pajama set that provided the comfiest vibes and all our ladies can get 15% off with the code "GIRLSWHOMEET15".

All in all, it was a night to remember. We laughed, we snacked, we pampered ourselves – what more could a girl ask for? Huge shoutout to all our partners and everyone who made it happen. Until next time, babes – sweet dreams! 💕✨



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